personal growth and relationship intensive for women
 intensive personal growth and relationship coaching for women
intensive marriage coaching and relationship resource for women
A step-by-step intensive designed to lead you down the aisle


Marilyn Graman: marriage coaching and relationship resource for womenSince 1986 Life Works, Inc. has helped thousands of people have what they want in a relationship. Even the principals in the business, Marilyn Graman (left) and Maureen Walsh, each married since they began helping women first uncover what they want and then learn how to have faith while they draw those qualities forward in a man who is good for them. A combination of deep introspection, clearing away what doesn't work, uncovering their natural power and understanding that they have some bad information, empowers, lightens and makes it possible for our graduates to move toward becoming happily married. 

Most women who work with us do eventually create the relationship they want. However, some of us have a longer road to the aisle than others. Some women wait until it is almost too late to have the family they long for. Others have had their hearts broken and have been unwilling to date for many years. For some it was a demanding career, family responsibilities or an aging parent that left no time for a personal life. Some have alcoholism or abuse in their backgrounds, making loving and trusting someone difficult. Many women are divorced and hesitant to venture out again.marriage coaching and relationship workshop
This 6-month concentrated program will draw on all the wisdom and experience that Marilyn has gathered in her 26 years of practice and the 17 years of delivering the HAVING WHAT YOU WANT WITH A MAN course to thousands of women. Participants will have specially designed courses, weekends, groups and individual sessions aimed at moving each woman through what is in her way and bring you to a deeper level of commitment and openhearted acceptance of yourself and your man. 

relationship coaching for deep intimacyMARRIAGE WORKS is a deeper, longer and more profound version of the weekend relationship course. This course changes women from within--you may experience a soft but magnificent power, clarity about what you are looking for, the ability to attract what is good for you, a deeper understanding of men and how to pull forward their best qualities. You may find you can keep your heart and mind open while keeping true to yourself and your own work. Our graduates don't lose themselves in relationships; rather they find them empowering...where everyone, including ex's, children and extended families can be honored.

We have always known that there is a special group of women who want an intense version of the work many of us do over 3-10 years. In  When we offer Marriage Works again you will have this opportunity. If you chose to attend, it will change your life. Call 212-741-8787 to discuss your participation in MARRIAGE WORKS and your questions.

This course takes all the commitment, time and resources that any important shift in your life will demand. For full results, it is mandatory that all participants reserve the time and focus necessary to attend all sessions and  complete all preparation requirements and exercises. For this reason, participants must be in the New York area or be willing to relocate here for the duration.

We are often notified about the weddings of our workshop graduates. To view some photos in our marriage gallery, click here.


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