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While this site is designed to highlight the work we do with women at Life Works, once we get them ready for relationship we need you! There are a few things we'd like you to know and we have an invitation and an immediate gift for you if you keep reading.

We feel that women, when they get clear about what they want in relationship, are more fun and easier for you to be with. That is the work that we do with them in the the 20-hour "Having What You Want With a Man" Weekend, the How to Be Cherished Weekend, 6-month "Marriage Works" intensive course, and the various follow-up courses we offer. We help women be authentic, powerful, gentle and clear about what they are wanting to attract in a new relationship or enjoy the relationship they're already in again.

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And that could be you! How do you meet these great women who love men and know how to treat you well? If you are single, interested in a committed relationship and ready to meet a terrific woman fill-in the form below. We have parties from time to time as the single women feel moved to organize them. Someone will call to speak with you and, if it is appropriate, invite you to join us for a party. Men who come to our parties report they are delighted with the women they meet.

You can also join us for a workshop (Money, Life Works! How to Make a Graceful Living and ReBoot Your Life) and meet wonderful women when you do. We usually have many more women in a workshop than men and marriages have happened as a result of people meeting at Life Works. Click here to move to the website and see more about what we offer. 

Also men often send their women to us to help them become more marriageable and happy again. Sometimes women are so busy or heart-broken or afraid that they don't realize there is a terrific man out there waiting for them to be ready for a relationship or to make the relationship they have better. If you have a girlfriend, sister, mother, colleague or wife who says she wants a great relationship, yet isn't having one — do her a favor and encourage her to "give herself a gift." She can call us at 212-741-8787 to enroll, or you can call yourself and give her the course as a living token of your love!  Wise, now happy men before you have made that call.

And when you fill in the form below we'll thank you for visiting us by sending you "10 Things Every Woman Is Hoping You Know" as an email gift.

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