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You can have the relationship you want:
         a successful, fulfilling, luscious partnership with a man ...

"When it came to a happy relationship, I always felt locked out. Your workshop has given me the key."
Teacher, age 33

have the healthy intimate relationship with a man you wantAttractive, intelligent, wonderful women are struggling with how to have a satisfying, powerful and loving relationship in todayís world. HAVING WHAT YOU WANT WITH A MAN, a 2-day workshop designed just for women, will help you create the relationship you want - whether that means starting a new relationship or moving the relationship you are in to the next level.

"I was afraid it would never be my turn. Life Works is a place where it became possible for me. I have this delightful husband who loves me dearly and is the best person in the world. We have a beautiful child. And if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. Thank goodness for Marilyn and the relationship work."
Advertising Executive, age 40

This remarkable course grew out of psychotherapist Marilyn Gramanís own experiences — her fears, her triumphs, her life lessons — and those of other women like you. Since 1986 women have completed the workshop surprised to discover the real, underlying issues between them and what they truly want. Itís about discovering what is authentic for you in a relationship and then bringing that knowledge into your daily life. The weekend will provide practical how-to advice and help you envision what is possible.

"Since the workshop, I'm meeting men for the first time in years and I know what to ask to see if they are good for me. You've helped me take better care of myself. I am so grateful."
Nurse, age 49


relationship coaching promotes romance & intimacyHAVING WHAT YOU WANT WITH A MAN will give you new insights into men ... and yourself. You will be part of an intensive inquiry into you and relationship - how your past, our culture and other forces have come together to mold your relationships up until now. Marilyn will talk about how to take care of yourself — discovering your own natural power and loving yourself is crucial to having a good relationship. Finally we will have a frank and fun discussion about men — what they're really looking for — and it's not what we've been taught!  Marilyn will give you a system for interviewing men and teach you how to transform an O.K. relationship into a great one. You will learn how to diagnose problems and begin having what you want with a man as never before!

"My new boyfriend is totally different from the men I've always attracted. I don't have to chase him or wonder where he is. He wants to be with me. My relationship anxiety has disappeared. A miracle!"
College Professor, age 52


If you long for the strength and compassion of a wonderful man by your side who wants you to be happy, join us for this powerful 2-day course. You can have what you want with a man and we'll help you uncover what that means for you in just 20 hours. A remarkable value at $495.

"Going into it I thought the Workshop was only about the man-woman relationship. So I am surprised and delighted that other relationships--at work, with my parents, with friends--have all changed for the better. I'm lighter about life...people tell me I look 10 years younger." 
Business Executive, age 58

relationship coaching promotes successful marriagesMany women who have completed the course are now married and come back to review and work on their relationships more deeply.  While people come to us with a wide variety of goals, we are delighted to say that we often have several marriages a month among our graduates! That we know of! 

"We're talking about things - difficult issues we never talked about before. The difference is in me - my heart has opened to myself and my husband."
Teacher, age 46


Give yourself the gift of a supportive relationship
The HAVING WHAT YOU WANT FROM A MAN Workshop could be the most important gift your ever give yourself. Why not take the first step towards the relationship you want today by calling toll-free at 212-741-8787 for more information or to register by phone.  

"I feel so much more powerful and attractive at the same time--some days like a 'man magnet'. Now I'm the one who wants to go slow. I had been thinking something was wrong with me that I didn't have a relationship. I just had some wrong information."
Business Owner
, age 49


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